About Us


My teaching philosophy is to assess each student’s ability, desires and commitment to practice, and then develop a teaching plan which will help them be successful. It is imperative to assess all aspects of their game, driving, iron play, short game, and mental approach.

Analyze Abilities and Limitations
While there are some elements of the swing which can be universally applied I believe it is essential to analyze each student’s abilities and limitations and design a plan for them which will help them achieve the best swing they are capable of repeating. My goal is to have each student leave each lesson having not only improved their swing but having improved their ball flight and with the confidence that they can repeat what they’ve accomplished on the course. It is also important to incorporate short game skills into the lesson plan enabling the student to maximize their scoring potential.

Fit Instruction to Goals and Abilities
Once I have established that, my tactics will vary from player to player depending on their ability and their overall goals. It will also depend on the student’s time and commitment. It is critical to have a firm understanding of the students’ goals and abilities before moving forward with a program to improve their game. There will be golfers who have been a 12 handicap for a long time and are now playing to a 15 handicap and all they want to do is get back on track, and then you may have a player that is a 15 handicap who wants to improve to an 8 handicap. My approach to these golfers will be different.

Utilize Optimal Learning Method
When teaching golfers it is helpful to understand how a student learns, whether they learn best visually, auditory, or kinesthetically. Therefore it is important to utilize the teaching aids and methods of communicating that matches the student. I currently use a combination of teaching aids which include: V1 Digital Coach Video and computer technology, enabling me to tape the entire lesson with sound included. This allows the student to take their lesson home with them. I also use various other teaching aids such as the impact bag, mirrors, weighted clubs, beach balls and shafts to help the student feel and see the movement we are trying to change.

Provide Instruction Options That Fit Student
In setting up a teaching program it is important to give students a variety of options that fit into their schedules. I prefer to establish a long term relationship with my students, I believe they receive the best results when they commit to several lessons and so I offer discounts on series of 6 or 12 lessons. Students who have opted for my "player development program” have experienced the most dramatic improvement in their game. The "player development program” allows them to take two hours of instruction per week for a 3, 6 or 12 month period. I have incorporated weekly junior golf clinics and frequent beginners and specialized clinics into my schedule in order to encourage all levels of golfer.

While I recognize that it is not reasonable to expect each student to become a scratch golfer, it is possible to help each golfer develop the best game they are capable of and set them on the road to enjoy a lifetime playing and competing in the game of golf.